Beta - hangers & hooks

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Beta - hangers & hooks

The BETA rigid hanger simply hooks onto the lower edge of the rail and can be easily moved to relocate the position of the pictures by sliding left or right. There is a choice between standard or heavy duty hangers. Your choice depends on the desired look and the weight of your painting or wall decoration. You will require at least two hangers - which descend from the rail.

Standard rigid hangers hold up to 40kgs each
Heavy duty rigid hangers hold up to 80kgs each

There is a range of flexible hangers available for the Beta system also, choices as follows:
Nylon hangers hold up to 10kgs each
Steel hangers hold up to 20kgs each

Beta rigid hanger, silver
Beta heavy duty hanger, silver

You will require at least two hooks per picture. The hooks attach to the hangers and enable your pictures to be adjusted to the desired height with millimeter precision. Adding more hooks to the same set of hangers will allow you to hang pictures above and below each other or by getting creative with any display be it a family wall or salon-style hang.

Price as configured: AU$0.00