Architectural picture rails:

    • Avanti topfix (ceiling fixed)

      The Avanti combines modern ‘designer’ looks with extreme versatility. Our topfix 'twist & click' hangers are made from glass reinforced plastic which allows colour matching to the rail colour along side abundant strength. When the rail is being designed into a project there should be allowances for solid fixing points by way of studs, noggins or batten above the rail to screw into. The rail is 9mm deep to allow for sheeting up to it leaving a discreet shadowline around the perimeter of the wall. Hangers can be easily added or removed from anywhere along the rail.
      avanti topfix
    • Avanti cantilever

      The same Avanti rail as above can be recessed into a wall at or near the ceiling line and the Cantilever hangers are inserted at any point along the rail.
      avanti cantilever
    • Locator Classic

      The Locator Classic system has a 25mm high, flat face so it has been installed behind a cornice where the cornice has been fixed to the flat surface of the rail. All that is left in this application is a tiny 4mm gap between the cornice and the wall. Hangers can then be inserted as usual.
      locator classic
    • Locator Multirail flat

      The Locator Multirail Flat is a ceiling mounted rail which houses a 12 volt strip within, to power its soft-touch lighting accessories. It can be installed prior to plaster boarding for a concealed look, or retrofitted to a square-set.
      Locator multirail flat
  • Locator Multirail crown

    The Locator Multirail Crown is designed for installation at the end of the construction phase. Cornice is rested on top and fixed in the usual method to conceal the fixings. The barely visible rail can hang pictures and includes a 12 volt strip within, allowing artworks to be illuminated.
    Locator multirail crown
  • Plaster rail

    The Plaster rail is designed for installation at the construction phase and usually used on a wet plaster wall. The rail is 13mm from front to back so there should be allowances made for this. When the rail is finished there is a 4mm gap visible but with no fixings in site it is by far the most discreet system on the market.
    Plaster rail