The owners of iconic Australian surf brand Billabong recently approached us for a variety of picture hanging systems to feature in their Burleigh Waters HQ.

Our first challenge was a system for their press rooms, which needed to provide versatility for their many product launch displays. With this in mind we specified the Avanti system in three rows on either side of the rooms, fixed to the ceiling (Topfix) enabling the display of posters, pictures, clothes and everything else they might need to set up for a launch. The Avanti rails were fixed 500mm, 1100mm & 1700mm from the wall running parallel with each other allow the Billabong team to give depth to the displays by staggering the merchandise for impact.

                                          Billabong main image

Challenge number two was for an 'Art-wall'. This was the Billabong design team's idea, to encourage the creative spirit of every employee. The brief was to create an Art-wall which included an easel allowing anyone to create an artwork. Standard sized two-pack, white square panels and art-pens were provided. Once the artwork was finished it could be easily displayed next to the easel for everyone to see, these would then be auctioned off for charity. We used the Avanti system again but this time with the cantilever hanger at the top and a specially adapted Avanti barrel clamp at the bottom (see below images) to adjust the tension of the stainless steel hangers, (pictured), HL hooks provided the ability to adjust the level of the pictures and enough height given to allow ‘above and below’ hanging when the display gets busy. It has been a great success.

                 Cantilever in rail                   AB Clamp Cantilever

Billabong's boardrooms also got a Picture Hanging makeover, this time using the Avanti system again with standard hangers enabling the display of more conventional pictures and artwork.

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