Hamptons style homes are becoming more and more popular. But what is the Hamptons style and
why is it so perfectly suited to Australia?

The Hamptons started life as a collection of unassuming fishing villages on the south shore of Long
Island, near New York, in the United States. Over the years, the area has become a byword for class,
elegance, sophistication and classic architectural styling.

The region is often used by America’s rich and famous as a “summer destination” and the architecture
there speaks of long, warm days on the beach or lazing about in the hammock on the deck, or out in
the garden.

With Australia’s focus on an outdoor lifestyle, it’s easy to see why the Hamptons style of architecture
is so perfect for life Down Under.

Top five features of a Hamptons style home:

1. Oversized spaces, high ceilings, timber floors and light filled rooms.
2. Neutral colour palette with a particular focus on white and cream.
3. A relaxed, coastal vibe that still manages to maintain an air of luxury and style – a beach
shack this ain’t!
4. Seamless transition from indoors to outdoors, often with French or bi-fold doors between the
5. Nautical style touches throughout the interior, with blue often used as a feature or to give a
pop of colour to neutral rooms.


Take a look at some classic Australian homes that have been renovated in the Hamptons style.

And when it comes to hanging artwork in a Hamptons style home, think clean, classic, elegant lines
and lots of symmetry.

By Brooke Jacobson - Copyright Picture Hanging Systems Pty Ltd