Artshow exhibition panel shot

We often get asked what products we have availble for use in an Art exhibition, whether it be in a School hall, a Shopping centre or in the state Exhibition centre. We always recommend one of two options we have:

  1. Avanti Artshow This is a system that is specifically designed for exhibition panels. The rail fits to the top of the panel and the hangers can be used on either side (doubling the amount of hanging space). This allows full adjustment of Artwork and pictures alike.
  2. EN/ES15 hangers These are custome made (you specify the width of your panel) out of stainless steel with either a nylon or stainless steel wirerope hanger, giving the user control over what hangs where.

Images of these systems can be seen below:

Avanti artshow

The Avanti artshow system


EN/ES15 hangers



By Luke Norman