Where a cornice is present and not too high it is best to blend the rail in so it becomes part of the cornice. There is a picture rail designed for this specific application called the Locator minirail which is a slim-line track that is installed hard-up against the bottom of the cornice.

Some cornice designs are quite decorative and may have a rounded bevel at the bottom where the rail touches it, this is completed by filling between the top of the picture rail and the bottom of the cornice. The most commonly found smooth, curved moulding usually has a square edge where filling may not be necessary.

If the building has high ceilings then it is quite acceptable to use a picture rail at the more traditional height of between 2.8m and 3m from floor level (down from the ceiling). The Locator classic or Avanti system is best for this making more of a feature of the display and looks much more proportioned than using hangers that are reaching down from the high ceiling to the artwork being displayed sometimes causing a pendulum effect.

Square-set ceilings have their own dedicated picture rail too called the Locator Extra, this rail has an extended flange on the top which when installed correctly touches the ceiling creating a discreet, minimal option. This rail can also be filled where it touches the ceiling which will allow for any inconsistencies in ceiling panels.

The P60/P50 should actually be preserved and not covered, therefore the Locator minirail or Avanti std should be used a little way down from the ceiling line. This is also a good way to make a feature of the picture display incorporating the rail to the overall effect.

Our Locator multirail range of systems make it easy to add, remove or reposition lighting for each picture that hangs from the same all-in-one rail.