Hanging Lighting Systems:

The Locator multirail range of picture hanging and lighting systems consists of four modern, commercial grade picture rails with a hidden 12v strip within the rail to power not only 20 watt halogen or LED bulbs but also digital picture frames and some 12v TV’s.

The standard picture hanging and lighting systems have been specially designed for four main applications:

For help when identifying the type of rail needed please read: How to choose the right picture rail to suit your walls.

All four systems use the same hangers and hooks as our popular Locator range so the vast range of rails can be used collectively in different rooms with the same collection of hangers and hooks.

These systems allow you the flexibility to rotate a display with dedicated lighting for each art work at the same time. The simple design enables the system to be installed by the end-user with wall-plugged transformers or hardwired in by a professional electrician.

For an insight into how to work out the components needed please read: What components do I need? Another useful post when starting the process is: How do I work out how much rail I’ll need?

This professional range has been tested in gallery environments and can be seen in galleries around Australia and the world.