Avanti topfix

This configuration of the Avanti system is used when installing the rail to the surface or for recessing into a ceiling usually around the perimeter of a room but can also stand alone to hang from any ceiling. The rail itself is rated at 15kg per lineal metre when installed properly using the supplied fixing screws and appropriate anchor. The holes in the rail are precisely countersunk and colour-matched screw-caps pop on the screws to conceal them.

Each hanger is made in our workshop and with precise machinery to ensure the highest quality finish, the hanger tops are made of a reinforced plastic so are very strong, they can be inserted or removed anywhere along the rail.
The system is available in two standard finishes; powder coated 'Architectural white' or clear anodised (silver) both of these finishes are at the top of scale for quality and durability.

To successfully hang art using the Avanti system, each complete order requires:

  • A RAIL - to mount to your wall or surface
  • RAIL ACCESSORIES to conceal the exposed ends of the rail
  • At least two HANGERS - which descend from the rail, and
  • At least two HOOKS per picture - these attach to the hanger and enable your pictures to be adjusted to the desired height
  • A FRAME KIT - if D-rings are not present on the back of a picture, this gives the hook a solid fixing to the frame

More pictures can be mounted by simply adding more hooks to the same hangers. For more detailed info:


Rail Accessories:




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