Plaster rail

The most minimalist of all picture rails, Plaster rail is installed into the wall at the same time as plasterboard, then plastered over during the building process. The finished installation leaves a 5mm gap for the insertion anywhere along the rail of nylon or steel hangers.

To successfully hang art using the Plaster rail system, each complete order requires:

  • A RAIL - to mount within your wall
  • RAIL ACCESSORIES to join rails together where needed
  • At least two HANGERS - which descend from the rail, and
  • At least two HOOKS per picture - these attach to the hanger and enable your pictures to be adjsusted to the desired height
  • A FRAME KIT - if D-rings are not present on the back of a picture, this gives the hook a solid fixing to the frame

More pictures can be mounted by simply adding more hooks to the same hangers. For more detailed info:


Rail Accessories:




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