Locator Multirail Flat

The Locator multirail flat is a ceiling mounted picture hanging and lighting system. The picture rail is usually fixed around the perimeter of the room prior to sheeting the ceiling with plasterboard. Fixing the picture rail into ceiling joists is best to maximise the strength of the system.

When installed properly the visible gap around the edge of the ceiling should adjoin the wall and mimic the P60 shadowline feature found in many modern homes around the world.

Being part of the Locator multirail range means that the rail uses the Locator hangers as do the other picture rails in the Locator range but the addition of a concealed 12v strip that runs the length of the rail allows the user to power lights and 12v TVs.

All picture rails in the Locator multirail range use transformers that can be added anywhere along the rail that plug-in from underneath. The rails can usually be powered up to 9m depending on load (number of lights and/or screens). Transformers can be plugged into a regular wall socket or wired in by a qualified electrician to a mains switch. The transformer can be concealed in a wall or ceiling cavity, it is advised that the transformer remains accessible.

The 'Locator multirail flat' picture rail has a flat piece at the top that gets fixed firmly to the ceiling joists or provisioned batten before getting covered by a feature moulding or plasterboard sheet. Using square-edge sheets will mean that minimal jointing compound can be used or a good quality acrylic filler.

The Locator multirail flat is supplied pre-drilled with three fixings per metre which is enough to fix directly into studs when installing to a plaster wall, as the fixings are concealed the user can drill extra holes in the rail if needed. Masonry plugs are free of charge when added to the cart and Wallmates should be used in addition to stud fixings (usually when studs are 600mm apart).

The 'Locator multirail flat' picture rail comes as standard in Powdercoated white. The picture rails use additional connectors to join them when necessary making a continuous, in-line rail. The user has the option at the time of installing the picture rail whether or not to connect the internal 12v strip to the next rail. This gives maximum flexibility when using multiple transformers.