Avanti Floor to ceiling

The Avanti floor to ceiling application is suited to a window display or somewhere where there is no wall for the picture to hang from. It can be installed in two ways, either fixing the rail to the ceiling and floor (usually directly underneath) or by fixing the picture rails to the wall at the top and bottom. Both of these scenarios require the rails to be parallel as ideally the hangers are the same length.

Unlike other cable systems, the Avanti floor to ceiling gives complete flexibility to adjust the hangers (cables) left to right as well as pictures up and down.

For the Ceiling and floor configuration the Avanti topfix hangers are clicked into the toprail, then by inserting the bottom of the hanger to and tightening the Avanti barrel clamp to the bottom rail it creates enough tension on the hanger to keep it straight but without applying extra strain on the top rail or hanger.

For the wall fixed top and bottom configuration the Avanti cantilever hangers are used in much the same way.

Hooks can be added and removed to the hangers for hanging pictures or acrylic panel holders used to hang acrylic panels (much like a realestate window configuration).

The Avanti range of picture rails come as standard in Powdercoated white or Clear-anodised silver. There is a colour-matching service to any Dulux powdercoat colour which is at an extra cost.

The Avanti picture rail itself is really simple to install and very strong, it's discreet rail design blends into modern interiors beautifully, usually using the white finish or for a more industrial look with the aluminium finish which lends well with dark colours or exposed brick.

The Avanti system is the most versatile aluminium picture rail in the world. Owned, designed and produced by us it is the cornerstone of our range. The rail itself can be positioned for four main applications and is used extensively throughout Australian Art Galleries as well as other commercial offices, showrooms, exhibitions and alike.

The picture rails use colour-matched endcaps which can be added or removed when needed.