The Beta system is the strongest picture hanging system in our range and the only one that has a full security feature when security accessories are used in addition to the standard components.

Based on a famous French system that has been used throughout European Museums and Galleries, Heritage buildings for more than 200 years, we have reengineered the system to bring it up to date with modern materials which maintain the strength and security but is easier to work with when facing the challenges that arise when planning and setting up a large Art exhibition.

The rail itself is usually fitted towards the top of a wall allowing maximum space to hang below, when used in a double-story situation the rail can be installed to the sam wall staggering the hanging for each level. Used extensively throughout Australian Art Galleries as well as other commercial offices, showrooms, exhibitions and alike. The Beta picture rail itself is really simple to install and very strong, it's discreet rail design blends into modern interiors beautifully, usually using the white finish or for a more industrial look with the aluminium finish which lends well with dark colours or exposed brick.

The Beta picture rail comes pre-drilled and precision counter-sunk supplied with seven fixings per two metre length. Extra holes can be made at the time of installation to line up with studs when installing to a plaster wall. Masonry plugs are free of charge when added to the cart and Wallmates should be used in addition to stud fixings.

The Beta picture rail and security accessories come as standard in Powdercoated white or Clear-anodised silver. There is a colour-matching service to any Dulux powdercoat colour which is at an extra cost.