Locator Extra

The Locator extra is specifically designed for use on a square-set ceiling. The rail has an extended face which reaches up to the ceiling but still allowing enough room for installation tools to install the fixings perpendicular to the wall.

The Locator extra is supplied with three fixings per metre which is enough to fix directly into studs when installing to a plaster wall. Masonry plugs are free of charge when added to the cart and Wallmates should be used in addition to stud fixings (usually when studs are 600mm apart).

The Locator extra picture rail comes as standard in Powdercoated white. We offer a colour-match service to any colour in the standard Dulux powdercoat range. The picture rails use additional connectors to join them when necessary making a continuous, in-line rail. The connectors are used at the time of installation. Colour-matched endcaps are also available which can be added or removed when needed.

Fixings are screwed into the wall first and the Locator extra is clicked over them, concealing the screw-heads at the same time. One of the favourite 'finishing touches' provided by our professional installers is to carefully fill the join between the picture rail and the ceiling, this is a great tip for self-installation too as it blends the perfectly straight aluminium picture rail with an often uneven plasterboard ceiling.